On Campus Training

On-campus training

One Name. Many Paths to Educational Excellence!

On-Campus Training e.Soft offers a unique program to impart finishing training for hired students when they are still at campus in sixth or eighth semester.

How: The group learns in a closely simulated corporate induction environment. e.Soft  sets-up Virtual Class Room based learning environment in the college. Candidates undergo an extensive 200 hour training covering technical, functional and soft skills through a mix of classroom sessions, assessments, assignments and project work.

Benefit: This program cuts down the training period of organizations by as much as 2 or 3 months. For more information on how eSoft Connect can help your organization get the hired talent ‘ready-to-deploy’ even before they join your organization, please drop in an email at [email protected]

e.Soft Connect Career Center

e.Soft Connect CareerCenter is a one stop solution for the colleges to service the complete cycle of talent assessment, training and placement. e.Soft Connect sets up a CareerCenter at the college's that includes setting up a multi-media enabled Interactive Learning Classroom, Virtual Class Room Infrastructure and a coordinator to manage eSoft Connect programs.

The Process

  1. Step 1: e.Soft Connect sets up a Career Center at the partner college.
  2. Step 2: eSoft Connect conducts faculty and student awareness workshops
  3. Step 3: eSoft Connect offers skill-upgradation programs to final and pre-final year students.
  4. Step 4: eSoft Connect facilitates placement process of the trained students

This entire process is done in a partner approach with an objective to make the college talent ready for the industry. Over time, the partner college becomes the preferred destination for recruiters looking for quality talent.
Career Programs e.Soft Connect Career Programs are based on the existing skill needs in the IT and ITES industry and are mapped to an entry-level role. These programs are dynamically updated to meet the changing industry requirements. Offered in partnership with the college, e.Soft CONNECT programs run alongside the college curriculum. For more details on how eSoft Connect can assist your college/university become the employer’s preferred destination, please send us an email at [email protected].

Our goal is to provide you with excellent technology training and customer service. While we enjoy our national recognition, we continue to be dedicated first and foremost to meeting the training needs of all of our participants, from the true beginner to the more advanced user. We look forward to helping you meet your technology training needs in the time to come.

Mission - eSoft Connect Campus

e.Soft Connect, our mission is:

"To Make Technology More Useful for our Clients"
"To ignite young minds to help them achieve their dreams through hard-work, perseverance and confidence."

Along with solid academic grounding ,we believe in education beyond the classrooms, the inculcation of critical life skills in our students ,to prepare them to compete globally and stand tall among peers anywhere in the world .In IT industry add new courses and deciplines,and update existing curriculam,both in terms of content and core skills to make them more relevant to the changing needs of industry and economy.

At eSoft Connect Campus our aim is to inspire our students through our teaching and create an exciting yet suppirtive enviornment to study and learn.we aim to provide students with highest possible quality of education , giving them a sound academic and personal grounding which prepares them to make inroads in todays competitive world. At the end of the day " We will Make Technology More Useful to you achieving Your Career Goals”

Software Training Center e.Soft Offers projects in various areas like ERP, e-Commerce , Management Information system,
Live Project Training e.Soft believes that all students are blessed with tremendous potentiality and lot of hidden strength.