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Core java training course is intended for students without an extensive programming background. It covers language fundamentals and implementation of pure object oriented programming principles us

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Course Topics

» J2SE(java 2 standard edition)1.6
» Introduction to java virtual machine(JVM)
» Java Classes and OOPs Implementation
» Packages and interfaces
» Exception Handling
» Introduction to awt(abstract window toolkit)
» Introduction to event handling
» Introduction to applet
» Introduction to swing
» Multithreaded Programming
» Managing input and output in java
» Java Collection part 1 and Part 2
» java beans
» Networking Through Java
» Database programming
» J2EE(java 2 enterprise edition)
» JDBC(Java Database Connectivity)
» Servlet
» Java server pages(jsp)
» Jstl
» Application Deployment
» Web server
» Application server

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