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Current Computer-Aided Design software packages range from 2D vector-based drafting systems to 3D solid and surface modellers. Modern CAD packages can also frequently allow rotations in three dimensio

Advantage of the Course

CAD is used in the design of tools and machinery and in the drafting and design of all types of buildings, from small residential types (houses) to the largest commercial and industrial structures (ho

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Course Topics

» About AutoCAD, Important parts of drawing screen, Graphical user interface of AutoCAD, Use of key board and mouse with AutoCAD, Starting AutoCAD session, units, drawing sheets etc.
» Draw commands such as line, Arc, Circle, Multiline, Rectangle, ray, Polygon, Donut, Spline, Hatch etc.
» Editing commands such as erase, copy, mirror, offset, Array, move, scale, break , extend, chamfer, Fillet etc, Drawing setting & Object selection method
» Understanding various object properties such as layer Color, linetype, match & change properties.
» Text writing, single line text, Multiline text, Creating, Mechanical symbol, Creating blocks & attributes
» Linear dimension, aligned and ordinate dimensioning, base, line dimensioning, leader, tolerance, dimensioning Style.Disk quota management Backup and Restore
» Concept of 3D, various modeling techniques, Commands Used in 3D, Fundamentals of 3D geometry, viewing 3D
» Drawing 3D wire frame , surface model and solid Model, Modifying 3D Model, Rendering of solids, Plotting of Drawings

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