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Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. e.Soft CONNECT provides android training according to the current requirement of IT industry. It contains an operating system based on the Linux kernel, required middleware and some essential applications. Android platform was initially developed by Android Inc. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time. Android has is a customizable home screen which keeps active widgets right at your fingertips, always accessible and always visible – without having to launch an application first.

Android Has a Better App Market: It's true that Apple's App Store has over 180,000 applications, while the Android Marketplace has only just broken the 50,000 mark but Android's rapid growth and adoption give it the potential to catch up to the iPhone App Store. Android also has another advantage: a completely open market. Android Gives You Better Notifications.

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Prerequisites For Android

Befor going through Android live project training candidate should have knowledge of given concepts listed below:

» Knowledge of java
» Basic of Eclipse
» Knowledge of object oriented languages(C#, C++ etc)

How we Provide?

Android Training provided by Realtime Android Application Developer of our company, has more than 4 years of domain experience.

» We will provide real time project training with code explanation and implementation.
» Our traning modules are completely designed according to current IT market.
» After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Major Project Training, Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in IT Industry.
» Student will go through the training of Java and Eclipse as a complimentary package before starting of Android Application Development Training.
» We offer regular, fast track and weekend training in Android Training course.
» Study material is provided with the course which consist of concepts, examples and real time examples.

Download Required Software :

» Android SDK
» Eclipse (3.5 recommended)
» Android Development Tools (for Eclipse)

Benefits of Courses:

» Android Application Developer
» Android Developer


» intro to open source. What is open source?
» License Issues (MPL, GPL, LGPL, etc.)
» Contrasting and comparing open source vs. traditional development
» Methodologies

Mobile Application Development Overview

» Mobile Devices Profiles
» Mobile Software
» Options for development

Targeting Android the Big Picture

» Android architecture
» Android application model
» Introducing Android
» Stacking up Android
» Booting Android Development
» An Android application

Development Environment

» The Android SDK
» Building an Android application in Eclipse
» The Android Emulator
» Debugging

User interfaces

» Activity LifeCycle
» Creating the Activity
» An Overview of User interfaces
» Using XML Layouts
» Selection Widgets
» Date and Time Tabs
» Using Menus
» Using Fonts
» The WebView and the WebKit Browser
» Dialog Boxes: AlertDialog & Toast
» Using resources

Intents and services

» Working with Intent classes
» Listening in with broadcast receivers
» Building a Service
» Performing InterProcess
» Communication

Storing and retrieving data

» Using preferences
» Using the filesystem
» Persisting data to a database
» Working with ContentProvider classes

Networking and Web services

» An overview of networking
» Checking the network status
» Communication with server socket
» Working with HTTP
» Web Services


» Telephony background and terms
» Accessing telephony information
» Interaction with the phone
» Working with messaging SMS

Graphics and Animation

» Drawing graphics in Android
» Animations


» Introduction to multimedia
» Playing audio
» Playing video and Capturing media
» Playing audio

Location Services

» Simulating your location within the emulator
» Using LocationManager and LocationProvider
» Working with maps
» Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder

Introduction to Architecture overview of Android kernel internals

» Android system architecture
» Linux kernel
» Libraries
» Android Runtime
» Application frameworks
» Applications

Introduction to BSP, ARM Toolchains, Patching, Cross compilation, Porting and Preparation of host working setup

» Board Support Packages (BSP)
» ARM Toolchains
» Patching
» Cross compilation
» Porting
» Host working setup by using Linux OS

Preparing and Porting Android for Mini2440 ARM Board

» Download Android kernel
» Compile Android kernel
» Prepare Android filesystems
» Porting applications on ARM Board

Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 80 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry.

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Live Project Training e.Soft believes that all students are blessed with tremendous potentiality and lot of hidden strength.