CCNA Training in Lucknow

Course Content for CCNA

- Internetworking

What is a Network?

Living in the OSI World

- Introduction to TCP/IP

Addressing Fundamentals

TCP and UDP Communication

Understanding Port Numbers

The Tale of Two Packets



Understanding the Physical Connections and Devices

Understanding LAN Switches

- Subnetting

Working with Binary

Subnetting – Class-full

Understanding VLSM (Class-less)

- Switching

Working with the Cisco Switch IOS -

Configuring Switch Security

Optimizing and Troubleshooting Switches

# Virtual LANs

Understanding VLANs

Understanding Trunks and VTP

Configuring VLANs and VTP

# Spanning Tree Protocol

Understanding the Spanning-Tree Protocol

Configuring Basic STP

Enhancements to STP

Troubleshooting and Security Best Practices

- Routing

Initial Router Configuration

SDM and DHCP Server Configuration

Implementing Static Routing and Default Routing

# Routing Protocols:

Distance Vector vs. Link State

Implementing Dynamic Routing with RIP

OSPF Concepts

OSPF Configuration and Troubleshooting

EIGRP Concepts and Configuration

- Data Security

Understanding Access List (ACL)

Configuring Access List (ACL)

- Network Address Translation

Understanding the Three Styles of NAT

NAT Configuration

- WAN Connections

WAN Connectivity

Implementing PPP Authentication

Understanding Frame Relay

Configuring Frame Relay

Concepts of VPN Technology

- Management and Security

Telnet, SSH, and CDP

File Management

- Wireless

Understanding Wireless Networking

Wireless Security and Implementation

- IPv6

Understanding Basic Concepts and Addressing

Configuring, Routing, and Interoperating

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